"We have engaged Omega on a number of matters for over 10 years. From locating individuals together with providing  details as regards their lifestyle etc. We have always found them to provide excellent information in a well presented report.

The report have always been provided very quickly from instruction which is what we need".


We usually undertake trace enquiries up to a pre-determined fee limit with our charges being calculated  on costs incurred on the completion of the assignment  and not the pre-determined fee limit.

All our enquiries are undertaken on a cost effective basis i.e. we attempt to trace the Debtor with the usual desk and database enquiries before we start making field visits thus  ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum. During the course of our enquiries we invariably obtain a great deal of information regarding the subject's financial position and this is then included in our report which then becomes a status report.

Invariably our initial involvement with a new client arises in circumstances where their original enquiry agent has not been able to trace the subject. We have then been instructed and have in the vast majority of cases  then  been able to bring matters to a successful conclusion for our client.

From time to time we are asked to give an indication of our success rate which is in truth about 90%. We do however sometimes put this more succinctly by saying "we dont miss many!".

A member of The Association of British Investigators