"I have known John for a number of years and have always found him to be extremely reliable, thorough and tenacious in his approach in terms of investigating individuals and companies and providing financial intelligence. Such information has proved invaluable on a number of insolvency assignments and I have been impressed with the consistent, high level of service"

Financial Investigations

Given the commercial background of   John Taylor our senior director  one of the main areas of speciality is that of financial investigations  which we undertake on a national basis. John has built up a vast network of friends and contacts over the years in various business sectors. A great deal of information is obtained by him utilising these contacts.

On numerous occasions we have acted on behalf of  blue chip financial institutions, including the vast majority  of the big players in insolvency (both lawyers and practitioners).

We have extensive experience of undertaking asset profile reports in circumstances, for example, where an Administrator is contemplating a wrongful trading action against (a) director(s) of a failed company and he needs to know whether the director is worth "powder and shot" before embarking on costly litigation.

Moreover, we have also extensive experience of preparing status reports on behalf of a Trustee in Bankruptcy when it is felt that a Debtor is, shall we say, undertaking "extra curricula" activities.

Again I would stress that all our work is undertaken in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Further our reports are presented in a professional manner thus enabling our client to copy as appropriate.

Invariably our first involvement with a client has been in circumstances where an original  enquiry agent has been unable to progress matters. We have then been instructed and following our enquiries we have been able to provide  the client with the information they were seeking.

We are equally comfortable working with sole (insolvency) practitioners or the larger firms. If you work for one of the  national firms the chances are that one of your colleagues, maybe at another office,   has previously  been kind enough to instruct us and would (hopefully!)  be able to speak well of us.

If you feel we may be able to be of assistance, please give John a call.

A member of The Association of British Investigators